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The site at 100 Swan Street, originally known as the Duke of Richmond, has housed hotels and pubs and satiated thirsty Melburnians since 1860. In the 1880s, it was renamed to the Richmond Club Hotel, and has been known as such ever since.

In 1927, the old building was completely demolished, to be replaced in 1928 with the existing façade that Melburnians known and love.

The humble hotel has housed many colourful characters in its 140 year history. From birthing suites to horse stables, sudden deaths (but no ghosts unfortunately!), and a publican that was clocked on the head by a crutch-wielding, one-legged opponent during a brawl.

It has been a popular meeting space for sporting clubs, politicians, and punters too – The Richmond Standard Football Club and the Richmond Rowing Club held their meetings here, and the residents petitioning for the removal of the Swan Street level crossing congregated here in 1878. And of course – who could forget the infamous street party following Richmond FootballClub’s incredible victory in the 2017 AFL Grand Final!

The Richmond Club Hotel has been at the heart of Richmond, and the heart of history in Richmond for over 140 years. And we’re sure to be here for 140 years more.